Premium Bot


  • Unlock full access to message requirement giveaways - entrants must send a specific amount of messages to enter.

  • Unlock full access to invite requirement giveaways - entrants must invite a specific amount of new users to enter. [COMING SOON]

  • Unlock full access to voice requirement giveaways - entrants must be active in any voice channel for a specific duration to enter. [COMING SOON]

  • Maximum giveaway duration is increased from 14 days to 30 days.

  • Maximum giveaway restriction is increased from 2 giveaways running simultaneously to 20 giveaways running simultaneously.

  • Multiple roles for role requirement giveaways - entrants must have ALL of the roles / entrants must have ONE of the roles.

  • Multiple servers for server requirement giveaways - you can require users to join up to 4 servers in order to enter the giveaway.

  • For server requirement giveaways, the entry denied DM will include a clickable link directly to the required server(s) - drastically improves joins.

  • If you feel a giveaway is going to end too early or too late, you can use the adjust command to extend/reduce the duration of the giveaway.

  • Remove branding from DMs and the ended giveaway embeds.

  • Bot will scan your giveaways on restart.

  • Unlock access to create giveaway drops.

  • Unlock access to set a bypass role - this role bypasses all giveaway requirements.

  • Unlock access to set a blacklist role - this role is blacklisted from entering giveaways in your server.

  • Unlock access to set a bonus role - this role gets a specific amount of additional entries into all giveaways.


  • Click here to join the Discord server. You must be in the Discord server before purchasing premium.
  • Click here to acquire a premium subscription.
  • Click here to connect your account to Discord, if you haven't already.


  • This is currently not an option to acquire premium. Should we be in need of boosts, this option will become available again.
  • Click here to join the Discord server.
  • Boost the server with a Nitro subscription.

Use the "activate" command in the server you wish to activate premium for. As soon as you discontinue your premium subscription or remove your Nitro boost, premium features will become unavailable to you.


  • If you leave the support server, you will lose access to premium features until you re-join.
  • Once you have redeemed premium for a server, it is not transferrable; however, exceptions may be made.
  • If you have an issue related to billing where explicit information may need to be shared, please click here. This is the most secure and private way to contact us.