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  • We are aware users are unable to invite the bot. This has been caused by Discord's automatic spam-detection systems. We have reached out to Discord on instructions for getting this lifted. Further updates will be posted in our support server.
  1. Speedy

    Resolved User gets selected as winner multiple times/in a row

    When a giveaway ends, you may have noticed a user is picked multiple times, or a user wins multiple giveaways in a row, this is no coincidence, it's a result of a bug. We are currently looking into this issue as it has impacted a large amount of servers.
  2. Speedy

    Implemented RAOG - Scheduled Maintenance

    This update will include the following: The giveaway timer and the giveaway requirement checks will be much faster, more efficient, and more reliable! You may notice a boost in RAOGs performance and latency; however, this will be experimental, which means it may be a little buggy and so we ask...
  3. Speedy

    Implemented Random Chat Rewards

    With a command, set random rewards which are automatically DMed to random members who are participating in chat. You can specify the probability percentage that someone is selected to receive a reward. You can also increase/decrease the percentage for specific roles. You can choose which...
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