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  1. Hego

    Suggestion Personal positioning on leaderboards

    When using *topmessages and *topvoice, it returns the following embed: 1. User - X Messages 2. User - X Messages 3. User - X Messages 4. User - X Messages 5. User - X Messages 6. User - X Messages 7. User - X Messages 8. User - X Messages 9. User - X Messages 10. User - X Messages If the member...
  2. Hego

    Denied Code Drops

    Code Drops 😀 I had this idea, and it's an additional option to the current *giveaway drop option: *giveaway code-drop A code drop is almost the same as the original giveaway drop however instead of the members clicking a reaction, they run the command *claim [Drop Number/Letter] and the first...
  3. Hego

    Denied Upvote system

    Add a currency system, games system and you have points or idk what. That’s not my suggestion part but it’s required for my suggestion. Have it that if people vote for the bot, they get some currency on the bot and they have a streak for every day the do it. Basically what pokecord does...
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