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Jun 20, 2019
Create a giveaway drop with giveaway drop #channel --prize "prize". You can create as many as you want at a time and the bot will select a random one to spawn.

Optional variables: --msg and --permanent
Variables need to be used in the following order: prize, msg, permanent
Use the --msg variable to customise the claimed drop embed. Example can be seen here.
Use the --permanent variable to add permanent drops which will continue until manually removed with the removedrop command.

The bot will monitor the channel for activity and spawn drops based on how active the chat is; the more active the chat is, the higher the chance of a drop spawning.

Once the giveaway has been dropped, members will have 10 seconds to react; the first user to react will be the winner.

If someone reacts in time, the giveaway drop will be deleted, meaning it will not be dropped again unless you add another one. This does not apply to permanent drops.
If no one reacts in time, the giveaway drop will be re-posted at a later time.

Additional Commands: viewdrops and viewdrop
Use help viewdrops and help viewdrop for more information.
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