Denied Prefix needs change

Sep 22, 2019
So, for the requirement giveaway to join a server. The prefix before you put the requirement giveaway is —
On my device (iPad), - and - combine will turn into — and there is nothing I can do about it to make them not connect together
The only way to actually put 2 - together is by copy and pasting, and that is a bit too much work.
So I suggest that you people to change the prefix for starting requirement giveaways with a join server requirement or just allow users to choose/switch the prefix of it.

- - combined turns into — and the bot wouldn’t start the giveaway. That is for all mobile device I believe.
So it would be way easier for many people that uses this bot on mobile.

A better way would be to allow both -- and — , since it most likely wouldn't take much work and would be more convinient for both platforms.
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